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The employee concerns programs developed and implemented by NIC provide an avenue for employees to resolve concerns within the organization in a way that:

  1. Ensures their anonymity and confidentiality to the extent that they desire.
  2. Brings significant valid concerns to the attention of company management.
  3. Provides the employee with the constructive alternative of expressing concerns to a third party organization.

These programs have prevented many lawsuits and unfavorable publicity for the affected industry and have been looked upon by regulatory agencies as a proactive approach to dealing with issues brought forward by employees. Otherwise, such conditions may go unreported and, possibly get worse or, be reported to outside agencies and, potentially result in costly “WHISTLEBLOWER” lawsuits here.

NIC comprehensive employee concerns program offers:

  • Program development
  • Staff Investigators
  • Investigator Training
  • Manager/Supervisor Training
  • Safety Conscious Work Environment (SCWE) Consulting and Training
  • Mentoring
  • Independent Investigations
  • employee-concern1
  • employee-concern2
  • training


NIC’s senior level Employee Concerns Consultants have many years experience establishing and implementing new Employee Concerns programs and improving existing programs. NIC’s approach takes in to account not only the effective resolution of the employee’s concerns but also the importance of maintaining the integrity of the client’s employee concerns program.

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