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Need for Training:There is a growing shortage of QC Inspection personnel primarily resulting from an aging workforce, as well as high personnel demand required during online and peak outage periods. Additionally, major projects, new plant construction, and completion of deferred plants have created an even more demanding need for qualified QC Inspectors.

Who Should Attend:This training is conducted by certified and experienced QC Instructors, and is designed for prospective Quality Inspectors, Technicians, Engineers, and their supervision who are candidates for performing or monitoring electrical inspections during installation, modification, or maintenance activities. Attendees with an inspection or technical background will gain the most from this training; however, prior electrical inspection experience is not required.

What this Training is:This Training meets formal training criteria as described in NQA-1 and ANSI N45.2.6 and is “Initial” training to familiarize attendees with the requirements, equipment, hardware, and methodology of performing and demonstrating Electrical/I&C inspections. Upon satisfactory completion of the course you will receive a Training Certificate which attests to completion of formal training and capability toward your qualification as an Inspector by your employer.

What this Training is not:NIC does not certify you as a QC Inspector. It is the responsibility of your employer to evaluate your overall qualifications for certification in accordance with their certification program.

Learning Outcomes:This training was developed using the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) process and addresses: Regulations/QA/QC program requirements; Electrical/I&C print reading; Implementing documents; Inspection tools and equipment; Discontinuities/defects; Technical information on equipment subject to electrical inspections and tests; Hands-on electrical inspection tasks performed during the installation of raceway, cable, connections/terminations, electrical equipment, I&C equipment/tubing; Reporting of inspection results; and Operating Experience.

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to demonstrate inspections performed during electrical installation, modification, or maintenance repair activities using example procedures, instructions, drawings, inspection criteria, and appropriate inspection equipment.

Course Outline:

  • Course Introduction
  • Instruction Objectives
  • Electrical/I&C Inspection Tasks
  • Regulatory Bases and QA Program Requirements
  • Implementing Documents
  • Electrical/I&C Print Reading
  • Raceway Installations
  • Electrical/I&C Cable Installations
  • Terminations/Connections
  • Electrical/I&C Equipment Installations
  • Instrumentation Equipment/Instrument Tubing Installations
  • Reporting Inspection Results
  • Operating Experience


Completion Criteria:To successfully complete this instruction, the trainee must:

  1. Complete all sessions of classroom training.
  2. Demonstrate a general and/or specific proficiency level of at least 80% by written examination.
  3. Demonstrate satisfactory practical capability during demonstrations of Electrical/I&C QC Inspection Tasks performed on mock-ups and test specimens.

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